Has your institution made the voter pledge?
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Many colleges and universities do very good work in encouraging students to register to vote.

However, this encouragement works best when an election or referendum is imminent.

Encourage your college or uni to #MakeTheVoterPledge. Ask your VC/principal to pledge to

  • contact all students with a ‘Have you registered to vote?’ email immediately an election or referendum is announced. The communication should include: the voter registration link, the deadline for registration, and any information specific to EU citizens
  • send a follow-up reminder to all students one week later 
  • display the information on campus noticeboards throughout the election campaign.

96% of over 65 year olds are registered to vote. 1 in 3 young people are not.

Timing matters. Lobby colleges and unis to encourage students to register to vote at the moment that that encouragement is most likely to make a difference.

Ask them to #MakeTheVoterPledge today.